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Welcome to the University of Tartu High Performance Computing centre's (UTHPC) official public documentation site.

Here you can find user guides, documentation, and information about services and tools provided and hosted by UTHPC. The different topics are in the subdirectories in the left side menu.

If you have any problems or questions, please make sure to write to .

Computing cluster

UTHPC host's a High Performance Computing cluster called - a Linux based computing cluster with the Slurm queue system.

Cloud service and

UTHPC host's an OpenStack based VM cloud, where anyone can request virtual hardware.

The main access portal is ETAIS . Logging in is available to anyone who can use the three provided options.

Keep in mind that if you use one method to log in, you have to use the same method in the future.

This requirement is related to problems between the different identity providers.

For ETAIS self-service related guides, please refer to ETAIS Self-Service Guide .

To obtain information about how to host applications, install software or any other related information about the cloud, please refer to Cloud Quick Start .

In some very well justified cases, it's also possible to obtain direct access to the OpenStack backend. Only University of Tartu power users can use this method. To obtain access, please write to .

Requesting resources

Request support

Provided services

UTHPC also provides several available services for general use.

The list of services is on this page, but please make sure to read the in-depth documentation of each service. They're also listed in the ’Services’ subdirectory in the menu for direct access.

Service Description Documentation
Galaxy Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Link
Jupyter Tool for running Jupyter playbooks by utilizing the resources of UTHPC cluster. Currently supports both Python and R languages. Link
GitLab GitLab for primarily Institute of Computer Science, but anyone with University of Tartu account can make use of it. Link
Registry Container registry for hosting, pulling, pushing, and scanning container images. Link
Vault Vault is a identity and credential service. Link