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Adding HPC cluster nodes / Rocket cluster account

Rocket is a heterogeneous HPC cluster that currently consists of about 175 compute nodes, featuring almost 7000 cores, a bit over 40 terabytes of memory and 40 GPUs, interconnected by high-speed low-latency InfiniBand networking. The cluster also utilizes two General Parallel File systems, which in sum total provide almost 10 petabytes of usable storage space.

  • To order a Rocket cluster account select ’HPC’ category in the ’Marketplace’.
  • Choose the ’Rocket (UT HPC)’ from the HPC resources list.
  • Once filled and validated ’Allocation name’ and ’Allocation description’ fields, click on ’Add to cart’ to proceed to provision.
  • After the provisioning has started, you can see the details in the configuration detail view. Please review the request and if everything is correct, click -“Purchase”.
  • To finish ordering the account, please follow the same steps as in ’Adding a Virtual Desktop’ starting with step 5 under ’2. Ordering The Virtual Desktop Service’. The resource (Rocket) order has to be approved by the Organization Owner. You can find the guide for ’Organization Owner Approving a Service Order’ in the same section.
  • To access Rocket first, please ensure that you have SSH key available in your account.
  • Go to your ’Account’ and choose ’FreeIPA account’ under ’Credentials’ section and click ’create’.


Please note, the user should be a member of the project that is using the required resource.


Please note, synchronization may take up to five minutes.

Last update: 2023-08-15
Created: 2023-06-14