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Adding a VPC

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) resource package can be added by clicking to ´Marketplace´ and selecting ´Private Clouds´ from the menu to go to the list of VPC.


There are several Virtual Private Cloud providers available on the ´Marketplace´. You need to provision at least one VPC package from a suitable provider in order to be able to create virtual machines.

  • It is mandatory to input ´Tenant name´ to order a VPC.

  • Currently, there are three VPC component names listed: ´Cores´, ´Ram´, and ´Storage´. For configuration of a VPC resource please fill in a suitable quantity for each component and click on the ´Add to cart´ button. Here by changing the quantities of components, you can see Prices accordingly per day, per 30 days, per 365 days, and finally the total price of the VPC.

  • We also strongly suggest filling the ´Tenant description´ field.

To approve the configuration:

a) If your role in the Project is ´Project Manager´ or ´System Administrator´, please ask your ETAIS Organization Owner to approve the order.

b) If your role is ´Organization Owner´ you are able to complete the purchase to final approval (click the ´Purchase´ button). Hereafter the system will need a couple of minutes to execute the order. Once the system changes the state to ´Done´, your VPC is ready to use.


Provisioned VPC resource package will be automatically enabled for the project as a VM provider. For other projects it can be enabled by the organization owner under Provider management within organization workspace.

Last update: 2023-08-15
Created: 2023-06-14