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Access to MyAccessID

The MyAccessID Identity and Access Management Service is provided by GEANT with the purpose of offering a common Identity Layer for Infrastructure Service Domains. GÉANT is the collaboration of European National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

If you don’t have a MyAccessID account, then please follow this guideline to register the MyAccessID account.

Accessing UTHPC Resources Using MyAccessID

To ensure a smooth experience with our University of Tartu High Performance Computing centre's (UTHPC) resources, please review the following guidelines:

  • Initial Login: If you have not previously logged in to any UTHPC resources using MyAccessID, please visit our informational site at . This site requires MyAccessID authentication.

  • Login Issues: If you encounter any difficulties logging into the minu.etais self-service portal or using our resources, the site serves as a troubleshooting aid. Please feel free to share the displayed information with us, when you send support request.

  • Account Information: Upon accessing , you will find a table displaying your account details. This includes:

    • Name - your first and last name.
    • Email - your official email address.
    • ETAIS Username - your MyAccessID username in ETAIS.
    • UTHPC Cluster username - your UTHPC Cluster username, which corresponds to your username created in minu.etais through a freeipa account. If your username is not displayed, it indicates that you need to create a freeipa account in minu.etais .
    • UTHPC Object storage policies - for users with UTHPC S3 access, the table will display your UTHPC S3 bucket names.

Troubleshooting Support: If you face any issues while accessing our services, please feel free to share the displayed table with us. This will significantly speed up the support process.


Please ensure you are logged in using MyAccessID before attempting to access further permissions in Keycloak. This process helps verify your identity and streamline your access to our services.