Skip to content is a service meant to export cluster filesystem data to services or users around the University of Tartu. Currently, export offers two protocols: network filesystem (NFS) for Linux clients and Samba (SMB) for Windows clients with the added plan of Amazon S3 compatible object storage in the future

Requesting an export


Samba shares attach Your working directories to a Windows operating system with the "Add network drive" feature. To request a Samba share for Your cluster use, please contact along with a path to Your files and an optional name for the share. To map a network drive, open ´Computer´ ´This PC´ and click ´Map network drive´ at the top part of the window. For the folder, put \\\nameofmyshare, replacing the name of the share with the one provided to You by UTHPC administrative staff.

Network filesystem

NFS shares are usually meant for static Linux client to access data that kept on the main cluster filesystem. To request a share, contact along with a path to Your files and the static IP/FQDN of the machine You are be attaching the share to and the NFS protocol version You are planning on using.

Attaching a network filesystem type share in Linux based operating systems is quite simple, simply invoke the mount command along with the path of your files:

mount -t nfs /mnt/nfs

Last update: 2023-08-14
Created: 2023-01-19